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Our Classes

Whether your goal is to drop body fat and tone up or add lean muscle our classes will be sure to get you moving towards your goals.


Week 1 – From 3rd April

Week 2 – From 10th April


Our signature class, giving you the best full body workout using only these two pieces of kit. Building strength, toning and improving functionality is the aim of this class!


The name says it all – SWEATBOX! A functional circuit with a twist of boxing! Release some energy on the bags by powering through a circuit using a bag and your partner. No class will ever be the same.


Upper, Lower, Full body – Using various fitness equipment we put your body through the ultimate test. It will leave you breathless but accomplished and wanting more!


End the week with what’s talked about as the toughest class by our members. Split between compound barbell movements and complexes – finished with a sweat in the well known assault room!


A short sharp burst, ideal to fit in on your lunch hour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm.


A combination of two of our most popular classes. Assault Sweatbox will let your body know that its been put through its paces. Using a number of timing stations and exercise routines.


This session comes around once a week, 7am on a Saturday morning! Get in, test your fitness and push yourself to the limit. Surrounded by like-minded people who will help push you through, this is certainly a class you want to try! It will test your mindset but leave you feeling overwhelmed with achievement.


Split over 5 different classes, Buggy Blast is a class for parents, babies and young toddlers. Aiming at helping you shift that baby weight, tone up and feel good about yourself inside and out. During these sessions you’ll get a taster of what we offer in our morning and evening sessions.


A firm favourite with the females! The three parts of the body you want to work the most. Build the legs and bum and tone the tum!


A fast-paced blast of the abs to finish off the week! This class will will hit your core from all angles – It’ll hurt to laugh over the weekend!

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What our Customers Say
Since I started the plan on the 4th January I've found my energy levels have massively increased.
Following the plan is getting me through each day and you get all the support you need a few clicks away. Such a wide range of workouts that keep you on your toes, feeling fitter, stronger, and more confident than ever! Thanks Mainway Fitness
Adam Thomas
I was happy with the 1st picture as I had already changed simply from completing a sweatbox class 5 days a week!
3.5 weeks is all that’s between these pics undertook the MF Academy Metcon programme and didn’t add more than 2 sweatbox classes a week in. I work full time, single mum, 3 children can’t live in the gym! I was underestimated scared of carbs but info from the programme along with continued support from Todd and Carl and I achieved this! Lockdown this time around has hit me hard, but the live classes have kept me motivated and I’m committed to returning when those doors open and re doing the 4 week programme. No restrictions, no over training, and a heap load of support! Genuinely never enjoyed a gym or felt so comfortable before. Can’t wait to be back!!
Emma Williams
It’s hard for me to put into words what Mainway Fitness has done for me. Each & every one of the trainers, members and especially Carl.
I knew I couldn’t continue the way I was after Christmas. I threw myself into the deep end first chance I had January 1st. All the support was there from the word go. Literally. Started in the YouTube videos the first week. It wasn’t easy, my fitness hit an all time low & to no fault but myself. I let myself go mentally & physically I was the heaviest I’ve been in 29 years. It wasn’t easy. I worked hard every single day. Gradually the workouts got easier. The support was always there from Mainway, any help you needed everyone was a message away and helped me in every way I needed. I stuck to my diet religiously. Cut out alcohol, fast food, pop, and so many more drastic changes for me personally. The trainers are next to none. The live workouts started and within five weeks there I was -25 pound. Going into week 7 2 whole stone lighter!!! I feel absolutely brand new. My fitness levels are up. I’m also motivated that much from every single person there, including members I’m now doing 2 workouts and a minimum 5k walk every single day. I cannot thank them enough for the bottom of my heart. It’s changed my life forever, I really am in this now for the long haul. My confidence has grown an incredible amount, although I look so much better honestly on the inside I’m 100x more. I’m strong, my mental health is flying and my fitness levels improving every single workout. I wouldn’t know where I would be without them! What a saviour! For the rest of my life I will shout Mainway as long as I live! Life changing! Thank you so much everyone ❤️ xxxx
Kath Williams
I first started training when I was 22 and fell in love with the gym. But after the gym I went to closed down, I thought I’d never find a gym that felt like home again.
For years I tried different gyms all over Swansea and Neath, but I couldn’t find anywhere like it and my weight began to yoyo. Until eventually I got recommended to Mainway Fitness ♥️ Finally a gym that makes you feel comfortable, motivated and like family. Since joining in October 2019 I have grown stronger and fitter than ever, both physically and mentally. The atmosphere in this gym is the best I’ve ever experienced and the love and support you receive from staff and fellow members is second to none!   If you are looking to start your fitness journey and fall in love with training this is the place to be! Thank you, Carl and all the staff and members at Mainway Fitness
Jessica Llewellyn
I’ve been with Carl and Mainway Fitness since the start over 10 years ago.
They have built up a fantastic gym community who really care about their members and go the extra mile in support especially during these COVID times. I cannot thank them enough.
I decided to do the 6 Week kettlebell challenge as I have never committed to such a plan before and I’m really pleased with the results. I haven’t been this happy with my fitness for many years.
The support throughout was amazing even Carl calling me for a chat. The nutrition plan was spot on as was the training. I recommend anyone to commit to these plans and I will be signing up to the next one.
Mainway fitness is a fantastic community with fantastic facilities! Thank you!
Damian Lawson