Unit 8, Tower Court, St. Davids Rd, Llansamlet, Swansea SA6 8RU
200 Memberships Available

We have space for 200 new members to join our community. Membership from only £27.50 per month.

6 Week Kettlebell Plan

We’ve designed this plan to help anyone get a safe and effective workout anywhere while in the lockdown or when short on time.

Welcome to Mainway Fitness, home of assault fitness, based in Llansamlet, Swansea.

We offer the most uplifting fitness classes about with over 50 classes a week to choose from.

We also have a state-of-the-art gym with some of most up to date equipment, so whatever your goals are we have the tools and experience to help you reach them.

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  • Purpose Built Premises
  • Over 50 Classes per week
  • Functional Gym Area
  • Free Weights Zone
  • Cardio Machines
  • Prowler/Sled Track
  • Luxury Changing Rooms
  • New Saunas (Coming Soon)
  • Friendly Personal Trainers
  • Great Location
  • FREE Parking
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We’re more than just a Gym!

£40pm (Paid at the Gym in cash)
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What our Customers Say
Since I started the plan on the 4th January I've found my energy levels have massively increased.
Following the plan is getting me through each day and you get all the support you need a few clicks away. Such a wide range of workouts that keep you on your toes, feeling fitter, stronger, and more confident than ever! Thanks Mainway Fitness
Adam Thomas
I was happy with the 1st picture as I had already changed simply from completing a sweatbox class 5 days a week!
3.5 weeks is all that’s between these pics undertook the MF Academy Metcon programme and didn’t add more than 2 sweatbox classes a week in. I work full time, single mum, 3 children can’t live in the gym! I was underestimated scared of carbs but info from the programme along with continued support from Todd and Carl and I achieved this! Lockdown this time around has hit me hard, but the live classes have kept me motivated and I’m committed to returning when those doors open and re doing the 4 week programme. No restrictions, no over training, and a heap load of support! Genuinely never enjoyed a gym or felt so comfortable before. Can’t wait to be back!!
Emma Williams
I first started training when I was 22 and fell in love with the gym. But after the gym I went to closed down, I thought I’d never find a gym that felt like home again.
For years I tried different gyms all over Swansea and Neath, but I couldn’t find anywhere like it and my weight began to yoyo. Until eventually I got recommended to Mainway Fitness ♥️ Finally a gym that makes you feel comfortable, motivated and like family. Since joining in October 2019 I have grown stronger and fitter than ever, both physically and mentally. The atmosphere in this gym is the best I’ve ever experienced and the love and support you receive from staff and fellow members is second to none!   If you are looking to start your fitness journey and fall in love with training this is the place to be! Thank you, Carl and all the staff and members at Mainway Fitness
Jessica Llewellyn
Thanks to Mainway Fitness I’m finally feeling body confident, which I never thought would happen!
I couldn’t have done it without the reassurance, and help from the trainers at the gym. As well as body confident, I feel so much more positive and mentally active on a daily basis! I have never been to a gym that’s so friendly, encouraging and helpful, I never thought I’d actually look forward to going training! The staff aren’t only helpful when you’re at the gym, but they’re always a message away if you need advice or a kick up the bum to get your head back in the game! I’ll forever be grateful for Mainway Fitness!
Sammy John
So I decided to leave my old gym just before Xmas and after speaking to a few girls they recommended Mainway the place to be. I was nervous at first.
My first class was TRX & Kettlebells and I absolutely had no idea what on earth I was doing. Carl was brilliant and on hand to help guide me through the exercises etc, the atmosphere was incredible everyone was friendly and it didn’t have that “click” which was a winner. The only way I could walk down any stairs was backwards lol, I worked muscles that I didn’t even know I had. I was so fed up with my weight, sluggish and hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror. Eight months on and 1 stone 5lbs lighter, skin is feeling better, my mindset is definitely more focused and more than anything my fitness has improved massively. I couldn’t of done it without you guys. So If your looking for a gym that has supportive and enthusiastic instructors, a mix of classes (which not one I have done is the same) bouncing music and one hell of a gym then Mainy’s is the place to be. Thank you guys for all the amazing classes and most of all the huge support.
Nicola Shaw