Back on Track - Sports TherapyFor me, Sports therapy isn't just an occupation or a job, it's a passion. My journey into therapy began through personally suffering from cancer, which ultimately drove me into the position I am in today. After suffering with the illness, I made the decision to go back to study sports therapy and injury management in an attempt to be able to help others suffering with illness and injury.

My studies continued over a 4 year period, during this time I achieved various qualifications including the Level 4 certificate in management and prevention of injury in sport. My determination to succeed as a sports therapist paid off after winning student of the year in 2013-2014!

My time studying also led to various exciting placement opportunities, carrying out sport therapy work with the likes of the Ospreys and with the ladies Ospreys just to name a few.

The opportunity to operate independently through my own clinic is another major milestone in my journey, which I very much look forward as to where it will take me!

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