Hi, I’m Emma Arnold and I started having personal training with Carl 3 years ago. I initially started training with Carl to help me lose weight and increase my fitness levels. I started with 1 session per week and as he helped develop my fitness and progression, I built up to 3 sessions per week.

I take part in all the early morning TRX classes in Swansea & the Kettle bell classes and I love it! I enjoy all aspects of the sessions because they take me out of my comfort zone. Carl and I realised I had an aptitude for kettle bells and was strong with them, so as my fitness grew, he suggested I start taking some of the kettle bell classes myself.

As a result of this, I qualified in my Level 2 in 2013 and a few weeks later gained my Kettle bell & TRX teaching certificate. Following on from this, in 2014, I gained my Level 3 Personal Trainer certificate. I love that I'm now able to help others on their weight loss journey, which is an area I am knowledgeable in. That is why I have now set up my own personal training business- Inspire Fitness. Working alongside Mainway Fitness, I am passionate about helping people on what can be a challenging, but life changing path to achieving their goals. I'm still on the road to success with my own weight loss aims and I am making great progress, but I know how intimidating walking into a gym can be when you lack confidence, and that is what motivated me to start up as a personal trainer. I can put you at ease and help build your confidence whilst getting the results you want.

I'm looking forward to Inspire Fitness being a part of Mainway Fitness and helping others succeed.