Hi, I’m Ellie Sharpe and a qualified level 4 Nutritionist. Good food has always played an important role in my life as growing up I would watch my mum cook healthy, nutritious meals, even on a low budget. I have adopted her savvy skills and love creating my own healthy, tasty recipes, which is why I was inspired to do my nutrition qualifications. 

Mainway NutritionAlongside a good diet, I have always been an avid sports competitor playing football from the age of 4, later for my local team and university. I am also a keen regular runner and often take part in races including marathons and half marathons, so I know the importance of nutrition timing around training. My running improved, however, when I began doing Carl’s TRX and Kettle bell classes 3 years ago. I noticed a massive difference in my core strength and leg strength, where my legs would sometimes become weak after so many miles of running prior to doing his classes, I can now run quicker times and my legs and overall fitness are much stronger. I have also noticed that I am more toned, defined and have gained more lean muscle, which is always a bonus!

Over the years, and with my involvement in Carl’s classes, my passion and expertise for nutrition has grown; whether it is helping people achieve their sports and training goals, weight loss, or any health specific needs, I enjoy supporting people on their road to success by creating tailored nutrition plans specific to individuals’ needs. It is always satisfying to see people reach their accomplishments and grow in confidence and ability and I am passionate about growing in this field. 

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