Buggy Blast is a brand new class for mums and babies, aimed at helping you shift that baby weight, tone up and feel good about yourself inside and out.

After speaking to new mums and being influenced by my sister who recently had a baby, I have heard a lot of women saying that they would like to get in shape, but struggle to find the time, and money, to juggle motherhood and exercise.

With this class you don't need to worry about that because you can get a good work out with your baby in tow. Sessions will predominantly be based outdoors i.e. the park or beach, but indoors during bad weather; so simply bring your baby and buggy along and exercise while your baby watches.

I aim to give you a full body work out and focus on any areas that you particularly want to work. Classes will involve activities such as: brisk/power walking, plyometrics (bodyweight exercises), light kettlebells and pad work, and using the outdoor surroundings to our advantage. You can go at your own pace, and of course take time to feed your baby when you need to.

As a qualified Personal Trainer I can also offer advice on any questions you have about health, fitness and nutrition.

Buggy Blast is the perfect way to help you shape up, get your baby some fresh air and feel good about yourself.

Introductory Offer

First session free, second and third session £3.00

For more information please click to contact us.