All types of protein are useful for muscle repair, but if you're looking for muscle growth, there is one of the essential amino acids that is key-leucine.

One of the essential amino acids, LEUCINE, can speed recovery and stimulate muscle growth after exercise. It is particularly advantageous to take foods containing leucine if you are looking to build muscle mass. Leucine triggers mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin), a compound that signals to the body when there is enough leucine to synthesise new muscle protein.

If leucine levels are low, than the mTOR is not triggered and so will be less effective at helping muscle recovery, stimulating muscle growth and building muscle mass. Alternatively, if leucine levels are high, then the mTOR is triggered and the opposite happens. Happy muscles!

Foods supplying leucine: Milk, Cheddar cheese, Plain Yoghurt, Eggs, Meat or chicken, Fish, Whey powder.



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