Everyone knows you need to take whey protein to help synthesise protein and promote muscle growth, but when should you take it and what type is best. Read on to find out.

Whey protein:

Whey is derived from milk; a fast digesting protein source with an excellent amino acid profile that initiates protein synthesis (muscle growth) quickly, making it ideal for breakfast or post-workout nutrition.

There are two main forms of whey – CONCENTRATES and ISOLATES. Whey isolates have a more advanced filtration method so the powder is often more ‘pure’ – contains less sugars and fats – and is more bioavailable (more of the protein is converted into muscle tissue) so you may be getting more protein for your pound! If you are lactose intolerant, stick to whey isolates to avoid lactose. 

TAKE ME: to make up protein in your meal macros and towards/at the end of a workout. You only need 20-30g of actual protein from whey to achieve maximum protein synthesis, so don’t waste your money by necking a triple scoop shake. 




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